Settling My Kid into Nursery: Teacher Me Vs. Parent Me

I’ve been settling Mally into her new nursery for two weeks now. The idea being that, once she’s settled, she will go for two days a week. Until that time comes, we are there everyday slowly settling her for a bit at a time. I couldn’t be more pleased with this arrangement, I’m so glad that the nursery place importance on settling in and I’m happy for us to take our time, only it’s really bloody hard.

I really didn’t think that I would bat an eyelid, never mind feel compelled to write about settling my baby into nursery, I mean – it’s boring right? Only, once you’re in the middle of it, it’s not. It’s all I’ve been thinking about the past two weeks. Is she okay? Am I doing the wrong thing sending her away for two days? Should I go back to work? Should I not go back to work? Shall we pull her out? Does she actually stop crying once I leave? Is she eating? Is she having fun? Will she make friends? Is she happy there?  blah blah blah…

I have settled children myself before. I’ve settled kids into Nursery and into Reception. I know the drill. Yet, each time when I arrive at the nursery door and when I leave her screaming my name behind me, I have to have a firm word with myself. The conversation goes a little like this.

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Teacher Me:

It might help to bring in something from home for those first days. A favourite book or teddy that she loves is always a good option.

Parent Me:

Where the fuck is that doll that she never even plays with at home? I brought it on day one and on day two and now it’s gone, and all of a sudden she desperately wants it . And I’ve forgotten the sodding dummy.

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Teacher Me:

It really does help if you can tell us a little bit about the things she enjoys. Favourite songs? Favourite books? Activities that she enjoys?

Parent Me:

Why can’t I remember anything about my child when put on the spot. What the hell does she like? What do we do together all day? I am a good mum nursery lady, I swear!

*lies and says the first thing that comes to my head,

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Teacher Me:

Make sure you say a quick but clear goodbye before you leave so that she knows you will be back to collect her later.

Parent Me:

”I love you so much have a great time I’m going now I’l be back soon have fun you’ll be great okay bye, cya, love you, goodbye, be back later, okay, bye, have fun, bye.”  

*hangs around walking back and forth outside the building for ten minutes. WHAT ARE YOU DOING PSYCHO MUM?!

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Teacher Me:

Relax, go have a cup of tea and come back in an hour. Everything will be okay.

Parent Me:

You never drink coffee, why did you just downed a cappuccino? Is it too early for wine? Great, now I’m having a heart attack.

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 If you’re about to settle your little one in to nursery, listen to Teacher Me, for some useful tips in making the transition as smooth as possible. Remember, every child is different so try not to compare with others. Some children settle super quickly and others take their time.

We will make it and so will you.  Everything will be okay.

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6 thoughts on “Settling My Kid into Nursery: Teacher Me Vs. Parent Me

  1. This is brilliant :)))) iv got to settle my 10 month old in to nursery in 2 weeks time and im dreading it because hes a mummys boy completly but this has given me hope 😀😀thank you 🙂


  2. My son won’t be going to nursery for another year yet I’m already in panic mode (what the hell is this mother gig all about!!) So I am making mental note of this post, mental notes that I will most definitely forget but still for now this is making me feel better!! I’m glad that it all went well! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is really useful. My daughter is one this week and starts nursery 2.5 days in the middle of May. I am absolutely DREADING IT!!!! I’ve now run out of excuses to delay the settling in days. No matter how many times I tell myself it’ll be good for her, I can’t help but feel no one can look after her as well as me 🤭 aghhhhh!


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