Welcome to the Mum Club

I’ve flirted with the idea of writing a blog for a while now. As a child of the ‘Insta-generation,’ you become accustomed to following, watching and reading snippets of strangers’ lives in the hope that some may even be interested in snippets of your own. Funny really, isn’t it?

Since becoming a mum, my personal scrolling habits have shifted direction. Pre-baby I was interested in the likes of fashion bloggers, celebs, ASOS (lots of ASOS), friends, friends of friends, cousins of friends of friends, ex-boyfriends of cousins of friends of friends… you  know how the story goes!  Then I had a baby. And during the nighttime feeds or those times when I was ‘sleeping while the baby sleeps,’ I uncovered a whole new Insta-world.  Its huge, and you would have no idea it was there unless you were looking for it.

It’s a virtual world of new mums, old mums, blogging mums and ‘blagging-it’ mums. There are still clothes to look at, although much smaller than before. There are still celeb equivalents (all hail Dress Like A MumMother of Daughters and Mother Pukka.)  You can still have a good stalk, but this time it’s people you can relate to, doing the same stuff as you. As I’ve found myself scrolling deeper into this baby-mad madness, I’ve thought to myself, what is it that makes this club so cool that I want to join it too?

Then, I realised. This world is so different from the celebrity culture that I once found so interesting. It is not centered around comparison and competition. It’s deeper than it’s surface. There’s no trolling or judgement passed. Its just a group of women (and men), sharing honest ramblings, supporting one another and having a laugh. It’s light hearted, it’s kind and it’s welcoming. It’s a club open to everyone who wants to join it. Whether you’ve just hit a milestone or your struggling with feeding, whether your watching first steps or feeling like throwing your child out of the window, whether you need support for your mental health or you’re there to tell someone it gets better, there’s room for everyone.

And it feels pretty cool.

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